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Ihre Karriere spricht für sich, denn sie hat sich bereits mit erfolgreichen Stars (z.B. Doro (mehrere Festivals), Edguy (Rock for ASIA), Scorpions ( Rock am Denkmal), Grave Digger  ( mehrere Festivals und auch eine Tour), Axxis  (mehrere Festivals), SAGA (Festivals), U.D.O.  ( Support bei ein paar Shows), Saxon (Festivals mehrmals), Crystal Ball (Festival), Over the Rainbow (Re-union von Ritchy Blackmores Rainbow als support)  die Stage geteilt!

GENRE:    Female fronted Symphonic Power Metal





In the year 2004 Michaela Eichhorn has caught attention for the firsttime as lead singer with the band COM N RAIL and the release of theiralbum „Out Of My Universe“ by Sony/ BMG. After a successful two-yeartour in Germany ELA and the band split up. The 2008 released solo album „Passion“ has earned completely positivereviews by the trade press. The single tracks „After The Rain“, „Out OfTime“ and „Bleed“ were able to stay for weeks in radio playlists and charts. „Make My Day“ was released May 2009 as follow-up to the debut album. At the following festivals and club-shows ELA was able to prove herself asprofessional and entertaining front woman and to cast a spell over herfans. Both albums came to life in cooperation with Martin Engler (MONO INC). 2010 ELA founded with JR Blackmore and Tony Carey the ROCK ANDRACING TEAM... EBC Rocks... and in September that year the album„Winners“ was released and excited not only fans of rock music but alsosupporters and media in the motorsport scene. 2012 ELA released the single „Our Destiny“ as the official hymn andanniversary song for the „24 Stunden ADAC Langstreckenrennen“ (aracing sports event) at famous Nürburgring. After a creative break 2015 ELA felt the need to create a new album –with more Hard Rock vibes and a more earthy and harder sound. The intention was to show what ELA is standing for: It is not just aboutplaying rock music - it is to live and celebrate rock music with every fibreof her being. Even the album title „Nervous Breakdown“ was inspired by life itself andthe reflections on the past years. The CD was produced by Sascha Paeth(AVANTASIA, BEYOND THE BLACK, EDGUY) and was in parts sold out onrelease day (February, 20th 2015) at Amazon and other traders. The year 2016 saw the new ELA line-up, as well as there were newstandards in the musical direction. Melodic Power Metal with no need tohide behind acts like NIGHTWISH, BEYOND THE BLACK, FIREWIND or PRETTY MAIDS, just to name a few. The goal was clearly defined, the implementation and focus wereto follow. With the EP „Out Of This World“ ELA demonstrate that the band is becoming a serious force to be reckoned with. Each of the four tracks contains catchy melodies and heavy neck-breaking riffs. The EP was produced by Ralf Stoney(STORMWITCH, FIRELEAF) and Andy Horn (EDENBRIDGE, ROY Z, ROB HALFORD. 2017 the Band went to the Studio again to Andy Horn to record the Album Second Reality meanwhile under Massacre Records. It was a very powerful Power Metal Album that got very good reviews and of course it was in many Playlists and Charts! ELA was on tour in Germany with Grave Digger and on a couple of Festivals. The Band is live a warranty for a powerful show with the line up 

Ela Michaela Eichhorn (Leadvocals) 

Martin Albrecht (Bass EX Stormwitch, EX Mystic Prophecy) 

Andreas Augat (Guitar EX Larceny) 

Matthias Steinhart (Guitar)

Martin Hämmerle,  (Drums) 

Hands up! 

And put the Pedal to the Metal! Roooaaar!


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